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    The ____ & ____ Oracle

The ____ & ____ Oracle is a collective voice aiming to support sick, disabled, and care-giving artists and cultural workers with navigating accessibility and working conditions. At the heart of this project by Sickness Affinity Group is the desire to create space for collectively answering questions, doubts, desires, and calls for advice around topics of accessibility, institutional struggles, and intersectional exclusion.

The ____ & ____ Oracle is the format in which we not only share questions but also contribute our lived experience and perspectives in order to form a multi-bodied, all-knowing, and endlessly compassionate Oracle.

The ____ & ____ Oracle appears in different constellations and manifestations. Most recently as the Tender, yet Furious Oracle it responded to a gross case of ableist discrimination of a colleague at Germany's second largest university, the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Please find below the accessible PDFs documenting the case and collecting the responses of the Tender, yet Furious Oracle. Download accessible PDF. The printed zine is available on request.
Listen to the audio recording of the Zine:
The tender yet furius oracle Audio

Previous manifestations of The ____ & ____ Oracle:

The ____ & ____ Oracle Booklet I
Download accessible PDF
Audio version in English
Text auf deutsch zum Download (PDF)
Audioversion auf deutsch

The Fatigued Compassionate Oracle: Q & A, participative format by Sickness Affinity Group in the frame of Berlin Biennal 11, 8.2.2020

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